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Elizabeth Power




Elizabeth Power
Expert Speaker. Superb Facilitator.

Got an event coming up where you need someone who is absolutely electric? Or maybe a facilitator for a working group on a special topic? Maybe it’s the programming for a retreat or seminar… More speaker, more content, more value—that’s Elizabeth Power’s reputation. She’s been through more change than a chameleon crawling through a costume ball, knows her stuff about too many topics, and is smart, funny, and personable. Could you ask for more? Media? Yep, she has media. She is a veteran of early Montel Williams and Faith Daniels talk shows, and of many radio and print interviews on change, trauma, dissociation and other topics.

Did we mention her sharing the cover of Successful Meetings with Guy Kawasaki, Colin Powell, and Molly Ivins a while back? No? How about her work overseas with people who survived trauma of the worst sort, becoming extreme dissociators? Maybe her President’s Award in 2004 from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation? Oh. We forgot. At any rate, she’s been around so long she can speak to most situations, customizing everything she does to meet your needs. More speaker, more content, more value? Elizabeth Power. Book her now — click here!

"Thank you sooo much. You are right on it sister."

K. Vanguard

“I cant begin to tell you what a wonderful effect you’ve had on my life!”

Las Vegas